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Spaying and Neutering dogs & cats is the only humane, sustainable solution to pet over-population. We make it easy and affordable with prices starting at just $80.


Even more affordable, special pricing is available through City and County programs based on owner income level and residency. To see if you qualify for these programs, please CLICK HERE. 


Prices and information listed here apply to privately owned pets only. If you need information on spay/neuter of stray or community cats, please see our TNR page. 


**Call 803-648-6864 to schedule your appointment. Surgeries, including voucher surgeries, will require a nonrefundable $15-$30 deposit at the time of scheduling the appointment. We ask that supporters call between the hours of 9am and 11:30am; Tuesday - Friday to better reach out front desk. If no one answers the phone, PLEASE leave a detailed voicemail and a staff member will return your call within 1-2 business days. 

Important Requirements & Information:

  • Surgery paperwork must be completed BY THE PET OWNER

  • Patients must be dropped off BY THE PET OWNER.

  • Dogs must arrive on a non-retractable, 6 ft or shorter leash.

  • Owned cats must arrive in a pet carrier, stray/feral/TNR cats in the trap they were caught in.

  • Puppies must be at least 16 weeks old and kittens must weigh at least 2lbs.

  • Pets must have a current rabies certificate or receive the vaccine at the time of surgery.

  • Any pet pregnant or in heat will incur and additional charge.

  • Feral cats will be given a non-negotiable ear tip.

  • Male pets with retained testicles will incur and additional charge. 

  • All pets will receive a small green tattoo near their incision as a quick sterilization identifier.

  • Surgery patients left overnight will incur a $50 boarding fee per pet, per night. 

For spay/neuter surgeries, please print, fill out & bring with you the 'Surgery Admission & Consent' form & review the pre- & post-surgery instructions.  

For walk-in services, please print, fill out & bring with you the 'Client Information Form' (if your pet has not been seen yet this year - even if you are a repeat client from a previous year) & the 'Clinic Services Form' (print double-sided if able).

Vouchers & Discounts

Voucher Programs & Discounts

Surgeries, including voucher surgeries, will require a nonrefundable $15-$30 deposit at the time of scheduling the appointment. 

City of Aiken Spay/Neuter Voucher Program $20

Open to Aiken city residents only. CLICK HERE to see if you qualify. Residents must complete an application for approval at the SPCA Albrecht Center's Veterinary Care Center (199 Willow Run Road, Aiken). Once approved, contact us to schedule an appointment. The $20 copay includes surgery, microchipping, rabies vaccination and a lifetime city pet registration.

Aiken County "No More Homeless Pets" Voucher Program $15

**County Vouchers will no longer be handled through the Aiken County Animal Shelter**


Residents can pick up & drop off the County Voucher application at the Aiken County Code Enforcement Office (1930 University Parkway, Suite 3400, Aiken, SC 29801). The office is located on the 3rd floor & is marked "Code Enforcement/Public Works." Once you receive your County Voucher, please bring it to the SPCA Veterinary Care Center, along with your $15 voucher co-pay: Tuesday - Friday from 9am to noon.

Edgefield County Spay/Neuter Voucher Program $15

Available to residents of Edgefield County only who meet certain income requirements. Contact Edgefield County Administration at 803-637-4000 or 124 Courthouse Square in Edgefield for current information and to obtain an application. 

Rescue Organization Discounts

Any legitimate Rescue Organization may submit proof and must have their 501(c)3 form from the state prior to contacting us to be considered for discounted spay/neuter prices. Contact us for more information about what we may be able to offer your group. 

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